Diwali is the awesome festive time for Indians. This is the best time for Delhiets. I do not think anyone can afford to make it simple. Everyone try their best to make special moment in Diwali with their creative ideas. The tradition and culture of Diwali is endearing and close to our heart. We love the most prolific aspects of Diwali is Rangoli, Diya, Ganpati, new outfits, family reunion and more lovely things. So, without wait we should move to 10 best Rangoli Designs in images you can check and decorate your home’s every corner with these.

The Indian festival is full of hustle bustle and we get the excuses to celebrate life through festival of India. This brings joy, wealth, happiness and prosperity so it paints your life with more colors.


10 Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali


1. Diya Rangoli for Diwali

Diya Rangoli











Diya Rangoli can be designed in various ways. It will sooth all the corners with positivity with lights of Diya. It will make your home feel rejuvenated and pious. Making it is tough task. The beauty of Diya floating in water creates stability and joy unlimited.


2. Peacock Rangoli for Diwali

Peacock Rangoli










Peacock  Rangoli looks good and creates heavy deign and patterns. Peacock is attractive and its design can never be unpleasant. It will influence all the guests and you can make it bright and colorful if you want to add your creativeness.


3. Flower Rangoli

Flower Rangoli











Floral prints in the cloth are candy to your eyes similarly when you see flowers design in the form of Rangoli then it imparts tranquility and beauty to the soul. I love the sprinkle of flower all over your selected corners or area of your sweet home for making Rangoli to make Diwali 2016 celebration at its best.


4. Border Rangoli for Diwali

Border Rangoli











Border Rangoli looks better and you do not need to work hard to make it attractive. Border Rangoli accentuates best feature and makes your home overly attractive. While making this design of Rangoli you have to be bit conscious that you are not spoiling the design dabbing off excess of anything like flowers, gulal, diya and other essentials for Rangoli.


5. Layers of Circles in Rangoli for Diwali

Circle Rangoli Design











The images of Rangoli for Diwali help lot in making it perfect. It rejuvenates your heart and soul with it serene beauty. Circle design is very popular and it looks so heavy that decorates your home fully.


6. Dots Rangoli for Diwali

Dots Rangoli design












Dots Rangoli for Diwali appears cool and represents simplicity. People have different choices some want to go simple and do not like to add plenty of colors in Rangoli. This design and pattern is specifically for them. If you will give good level of perfection then it will show your artistic side.


7. Kundan Pattern in Rangoli for Diwali

Kundan Rangoli













The sculpture art pattern looks very attractive and at the same time you will realize the minuteness of craftsmanship. In such kind of Rangoli there is minute work in which the symmetric art is enabled.


8. Flower Petals Rangoli for Diwali

Flower Petal Rangoli











Flower petals Rangoli looks fresh and nothing can be more satisfying than this. It is elaborative and when you make border over it, it becomes more eye-catching. You can make some twist by adding different colors of flowers.


9. Colorful Gulal Rangoli for Diwali

Gulal Rangoli












The dash of different colors of gulal will enhance your home corner and center of the home. The exotic look of such design is mesmerizing and its effect will give your home more beauty.

10. Combination of Gulal and Flower with Diya lighting for Diwali

Antic Rangoli Design in combination



















It gives Rangoli complete look. Gulal and flower adds all the essentials and creates charismatic appearance in your home. Your home décor will be complete if you will make such design of Rangoli in every corner or in the center of the home.

Any of the above Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2016 could be your choice. With your skill and art, you can make the every corner of the home phenomenal and out of this world. Make your home your dreamland with Rangoli design with your own level of skill, count on me it will create only positivity and rejuvenate your heart and soul.

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