Amazon India Fashion Week AW 18 is the platform where all fashionistas showcase their best look with their bizarre and impressive presentation. All attendees generate their own look to get featured in print, channel and blog. I have done the same being fashion blogger, we need to explore the look which should be unique and attention grabber. The same thing happened in Lakme India Fashion week but I do not managed to go though I get invitation.

We get the excuses to attire ourselves with best of the brand’s partnership and best of the gesture to present the brand in best manner. AIFW is the platform for us to showcase the different brands and this helps the better visibility in the market. Delhi fashion week is all about this. I have presented Oxolloxo again to showcase Amazon India fashion week street style. Oxolloxo handloom is such a expert in keeping you in best comfort in Delhi summer


Like every girl I wanted also to make head turns. Donning into red cullotes from Oxolloxo for AIFW AW 18 was my best decision. Apart from this, I loved white lace choker and DIY crop top for Amazon India fashion week AW 18. All these has given X factors to me even in the outstanding crowd.


So much love to Oxolloxo

Pic Credit:  kalyaniashish2007


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