Reynu Taandon’s roots are something where she cannot compromise. In association with Rajnigandha presents ‘CYAN ‘which is inspired from the mysticism of peacock blue hues. The extraction of blue on the ramp was showcasing the deep love for her own persona.


Reynu’s new collection explores bold undertones of the Indian monsoon, innovative detailing and jaw dropping thread work that gently weave in the magic and the true virtue of peacock blue hues. The patterns of stripe, use of bold whites, glittering gold’s, and the many shades of heavily embroidered silhouettes of aqua blue and green was incredibly put in proportion.

Her collection creates story of royal people. It has perfect balance of traditional hand work; the captivation of the mirror work is made on screen printing regardless for the embellishments used with the creative and characteristics of the mirror. It has done great job with framework of the decorative stitches that keep things in perfect place. The draping of the dupattas has been elegantly fashioned to subtly reveal the essence of her entire collection, which is centered on the celestial beauty of calming cyan.

The use of handloom and millloom Chanderi fabrics with the beautifully printed color palettes is incredible. It invokes purity in their every shade and radiate vibrantly through every silhouette. The artful choreography on the entire collection and it has been curated for all with great work. Reynu Taandon’s collection has raised the bar of Rajesthani style.

It seems to be perfect trousseau for would be bride. It is royal and can be worn for different occasions other than for the wedding, although some pieces stand out as her signature style comes undone and are best fit for the main event. Her creations in bridal wear are the culmination of excellent craftsmanship and are perfected seamlessly, making them priceless possessions that the bride can treasure for years to come.

The evergreen collection that will never go out of the season.


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