I have always believed in the genre of classics. So, one should invest in elegant and classic ensembles when you have round the corner the festival like Eid. It is known fact that Diamond has no season, what if you have more priceless stuff to add on. One thing that keeps the fashion world interesting in the ever-revolving door to trends. The Fiona Solitaires, ultimate in luxury and style. With the Moissanite Solitaires you can stand out from the rest of the crowd and it is must try to add that spunk to any outfit. Eid, Wedding, formal or casual get together have the excellent reason to have Moissanite jewellery collection to stand bright among numerous. Fiona Solitaire can be the Eid special gift 2017 to make your loved ones feel more special…:)

Without any second thought, the intricate design of the Moissanite symbolizes excellence and sublimate that would appeal to rare beauty and resonate with the modern Indian Women in a way no other collection does. Make your festival like Eid, wedding and your sister’s wedding a fable with these beautiful adornments that have been especially hand-picked for the fashionistas and women of all age group. Fiona Solitaire is great alternative to the imitation jewellery in this sunny season as it does not leave your skin with rashes.


It is well said that all glitters is not gold sometimes its Moissanite solitaires. If you want to know more about Moissanite check below in details…



What is Moissanite Solitaires?

Moissanite is a precious gemstone founded in 1893 by Henri Moissan (French Scientist). Moissanite is rarefound and initially misconceptualized with Diamond but later found that the crystals were exactly silicon carbide. After the many years of discovery and mistakes Henri was successfully discovered this gemstone. It looks almost like Diamond but in real it is very different from the real diamond.

Moissanite gains more popularity through its more accessibility, different color elegance and obviously affordable. It is durable upto 9.25 on the Moh scale and absolutely apt for the daily wear to ample parties. It projects certain kind of yellow and grey lights when you wear it in Eid.



Why go for Moissanite over Diamond?

In the rush of various gemstones and solitaires it is hard to trust on one specific metal. Fiona Solitaires has discovered the rarity of Moissanite and the aesthetic value of the precise have contributed to the increasing popularity of the Fiona Solitaires. Its stone is also precious like Diamond but it is eco-friendly and its multiple shine with the natural brilliance is extensive. The same finish of exquisite Moissanite will let you fall for it and it is love at the first sight.

The jewellery made by Moissanite is show stealer when you take a look at it. The use of the different color with naturality is something you cannot take your eyes off. All that Diamond like shine can be yours if you would go for Moissanite in the price like never before. The most stunning thing about Moissanite stones is that jewelers can be more creative and create more intricate design.


Fiona Solitaires

Needless to add the renowned Fiona Solitaires is the one stop for all who have penchant for Moissanite gemstones and jewellery. You just need to head to the GK 1, M block market in Delhi. Fiona Solitaires head office is in Mumbai. All fineness and prettiness you can find in the destination and nothing can be better Eid gift than this.

Browse through the collection to find a piece that’s perfect for you and discover your own Fiona Solitaires style in earrings, ring, bracelet and the jewellery you love most.

Fiona Solitaires jewellery is not something you should overdo it. I mean you do not need to wear too many pieces on top of each other. It is so special that if you are going minimal even it will unleash the beauty of women with and stand out by providing the freshness. Fiona Solitaires can make any women more glamorous and it just compliments any outfits.


My Words

Fiona Solitaires has touches the heart of many cities and its majestic is not hidden anymore. The beauty comes out effortlessly and it is very strong recommendation from my end. The imperial ladies always adorned themselves with littering gems, solid gold, luxurious diamonds, pearls and one more valuable name is added Moissanite. Be it necklaces, pendants, bracelets, valuable and exceptional jewellery has become one of the preferential ways of articulating standing in the society. That royalty and power you can attain from Fiona Solitaires this Eid and normal days as well.

There is no better way to achieve the look than with bright gemstones jewellery from Fiona Solitaires. Some pairs differ from each other in tiny details, while others sing abruptly different tunes. True to my heart, I feel more connected to me everytime I get into Fiona Solitaires.

Find Fiona Solitaires here



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