The launch of Rohto acne beauty brand in India is the savior. Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd  India is Japanese health and skin care brand. It turns out to be best and now in India market, it is doing great. People acceptance especially for the acne range products from Rohto is so high. Rohto cosmetics are undoubtedly best for skin care. Rohto Pharmaceuticals stocks are dealing in many skin care etc.

We cannot avoid stepping outside to protect our skin. However what we can do is look for products created specifically to protect you against environmental aggressors which are prone to acne, dullness and spots. If you are having trouble of acne in your face then you should try acne based products from Rohto which helps in removing acne causing germs and prevents upcoming breakouts.

The introduction of Rohto in India will be complete bliss for many whose skin is layered with acne. Rohto products are gentle in preventing the scar formation and removes efficiently acne causing germs.

Let’s talk about the few Rohto products and how it has worked on my skin.

1. Clarifying Face wash for Acne

The mild texture of this face wash works great on skin whitening. The contain of Mulberry extract boost melanin and helps in minimizing the acne scars nd dark spots. T is complete peace of mind whenever I use it. My skin appears to be so clean and of course the fairer skin tone gives me more confidence.


2. Foaming Face wash for Acne

Foaming face wash is rich in white tea extract and vitamins C and E. It is good in controlling extra oil from the face and also good in removing germs, pollution from the deep layers of skin. This face wash is rich in preserving the nourishment without compromising in cleaning the face deeply. This foaming face wash is for all skin types from dry to oily which I personally feel after use.


3. Pimple Defense face wash

This pimple defense face wash is good in working 3 ways. It controls skin heal and makes you feel the cooling effect. The absorption of oil is so accurate which do not make skin dry and conditioning the skin so well which brings smoothness. It helps in cleaning the skin instant and thoroughly. No space for germs causes through pollution.


4. Hydrating Toner

This toner I have been using for few days and I feel the extraordinary effect on my skin when it will be used as per the direction. First wash your face any of the above face wash and pour this toner on cotton and apply it evenly on your face and neck. The result will be surefire if you will use this atleast every morning and you will experience the gradual disappearance of acne.

5. Clearing Point Gel

Cleaning Point gel is good in cleaning the dead skin and you need to use it acne prone area of your face. It should be used after face wash and toner use.

6. Anti Acne Soap with green clay & green tea

This soap balances your skin acne seamlessly. This soap contains Japanese green tea extract so rich in antioxidant. The action of green clay absorbs excess sebum by refining pores. The blemishes free skin tone and there will be no germs that boost acne.


7. Anti Acne Soap with white tea & licorice

It controls the extra oil from skin and stimulates it so closely. It is consist of white tea extract that promotes antioxidant properties. Licore is for reducing the excessive scars.


Now exploring some Rohto skin care products made only for men


8. Oxy Icy Charcoal Dee face washes for Men

This face wash for men is having anti pollution scrubs and the presence of icy charcoal helps in brightening the skin tone. It just gives the cool effect and removes dirt from the inner layers of the skin.


9. Oxy Oil Control Active face washes for Men

Oxy oil control face wash is active and cleanses your skin to give healthy glow. Th oil control prevents stickiness from the face and be a face of the day by protecting it from pimples.


10. Oxy V- Charge scrub face washes for men

This face wash is enriched with vitamin complex (C & E) and its texture is having the scrubbing granules too which helps in removing the layer of black heads, dead skin.


11. Oxy whitening peel face wash for men

The hydrated skin is the first choice for both men and women. This whitening peel face wash is expert in preserving the nourishment and removing the dead cells with the peeling agents and Vitamin C.


Let’s talk about the bloggers meet. It was amazing meet and the session of the Nutritionist Nidhi Mohan Kamal was spectacular and Acnes India from Rohto is a win win brand for beating the acne problem caused by Indian pollution. The great time with bloggers friend and the ambience of this event is something I want to bag…J





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