In #Navratra all women was all set to go extra mile to keep themselves in spotlight with their appealing appearance. Now, it is time to lift your traditional love and try out top 10 beauty essentials this #Diwali. Diwali is the big celebration of India and it cannot go simple.


Diwali is considered to be the most awaited occasion for Indian Women to spruce up into lavishing outfits, jewellery and beauty essentials. All girls have special planning to highlight her festivities mood. I will talk about to try all the below ideas to instantly add a unique sense of makeup and sophistication to your face.

Compiling top 10 beauty essentials that you can use on regular basis to keep the skins glowing by keeping things in proportion.


Top 10 Beauty Essentials for lovely girls

1. Foundation


Foundation can miraculously make your skin look flawless. It shows the similar action of a concealer. It hides the flaws and helps to turn off the attention from them. It is a decent way to hike your complexion and to keep your skin flaunt brighter. The base coating of the foundation turns your face more photogenic and brings a new glow.


2. Concealer


Concealer is must and should have in the women’s kit. If you have dark spots, acne marks and blemishes in your face then it helps to hide all your facial flaws. It covers your odds including under eye dark circles and hallow cheeks. Concealer is best to minimize the show off of pockmarks on the face.


3. BB Cream


The BB Cream tube contributes immensely leaving skin healthy and vibrant. It is the blend of mild foundation, moisturizer, primer and toner. It gives even tone and unblemished skin by not only hiding it but gives treatment to the skin that results flawless skin with glow. The 4 in 1 BB Cream follow your skin and gives it best condition.


4. Red Lipstick

red lipstick

In Diwali, the red is signature color whether you are putting on saree, bindi or any outfits. Similarly, wearing red lipstick let you look more confident and it goes with anything. There is plenty of different shades in red so feeling of boredom or going wrong with your skin tone is unquestionable. It always makes sense to invest in red lipstick. When you are in hurry, you have no time to make up your face just apply lipstick and no one can spare themselves by addressing you careless beauty.


5. Mascara


Mascara gives ultimate volume to even tiny eyelashes. It energizes look and gives sharp shape to the face. The curvy eyelashes look glamorous and easy to apply and remove. Never forget to apply mascara with zigzag motion and it will cover all the eyelashes. Make sure blend is done well as if there will be no clumps.


6. A Glide-On Eyeliner

eye liner

Always use soft kajal pencil that insert less pressure on inner lash lines and upper lash lines. It gets better when you apply gently and pull your hand towards the light slightly. The use of hand at the upper eyelashes to dot the liner or pencil line will be seamless and effective.


7. Highlighter


Highlighter is super easy to apply but you need to be particular about the area you want to highlight. The light shade highlighter such as nude, pitch, or pink and other shimmery highlighter. Many girls have misconception to use the highlighter on the lower cheekbones but at the top of the check, you need to blend highlighter.


8. The decent Eye shadow


eye shadow

Eye shadow is very important part of makeup. If it is done properly it transforms the look in amazing way. Choose eye shadow that one shade darker than your skin tone. I believe fair skin needs to be more conscious of using the eye shadows if anyway it will not blend well or the wrong choice of colors make them over painted or vulgar. The colors like soft plum or light brown will go for darker skin, gray or golden or beige color suit medium complexioned skin. The light shade is preferable for fair skin to get even tone.


9. Mild Brush Set

makeup brush set

We love the touch of brush on our face and neck. It helps to brush out extra cosmetics and blend well in your skin. It does not create makeup malfunction. Never forget to brush your face properly for the proper look to avoid over-powdered face.


10. Eyelash Curler

eyelas curler

Plastic curler is best and it gives good impact when you apply curler first then mascara. The base of the eyelid should be properly covered by it. The gentle press of it for a few seconds with the middle of the lashes will make your eyes look incredible.


Rich beauty essentials will paint your skin in proportion and everything will be blended in perfect harmony. If you are somebody who wants to stand out in the crowd with your glowing skin then note what all need to look beautiful and confident.




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