The number of eye creams that are available in the market in the present times is quite astounding. It naturally brings forth the question of whether these creams are effective and if you at all need to use any of these. The simple answer to these queries is that yes, the eye creams really do the work and you certainly need to use one. However, no eye cream offers you a quick fix, and you need to continue using it to see the results that you are hoping for. Here are a few of the factors that you need to know about eye creams before you start using them.

Eye Creams Provide Moisture

The main function of an eye cream is providing enough moisture in the area around the eyes to keep the area hydrated, younger-looking, and free from wrinkles. This is one of the prime reasons why you should begin to apply good eye serums or creams in the morning and at night. Think of your skin cells as fish, and just like fishes, these cells need moisture to stay fresh and supple. The structure of a properly hydrated skin remains intact, so the wrinkles stop appearing, and the collagen does not break down to lead to sagging.

Remove the Dry Skin Cells First

Only picking up and using an eye cream will not work to soften out your wrinkles and fine lines. For the cream to be able to do its job, the first thing that you need to do is remove the dry skin cells from under your eyes. Use a very gentle exfoliating cream on the area around your eyes to bring the plump and fresh cells out on the surface. If you apply eye cream without any exfoliation, then you are just trying to bring alive the cells that are already dead.

The Method of Application

The correct method of applying eye creams is putting it only to the orbital bone at the top of the cheekbones. Never apply it near the lash line as your lashes will be picking up the products every time you blink. The product will eventually get deposited in your eyes through this way and will result in puffiness and weakening of skin’s elasticity. You must always use your ring finger to apply and massage in the product. This finger is the gentlest which makes it perfect for the delicate area under the eyes. Never rub the product in as that will end up causing more wrinkles.

The Age to Begin Using the Creams

You can think of eye creams as more of preventive aging creams, and apart from sunscreen, this is another one of the products that you need to start using at the earliest. The eye area is the first part of the face that shows the signs of wrinkles, and by beginning to apply eye cream, you are preventing the appearance of wrinkles at an early age. If you are in your 20s, use a gel-based formulation, and after 30s you can go for the cream formulations.

 It is also important that you choose your eye cream wisely. Do not go for a cream that has too many oils as that will make the area look greasy and feel heavy. These end up weighing down the delicate skin around the eyes.



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