ICW runways were full of genius styling tricks and drama. When it comes to Manish Malhotra show every girl becomes so prompt and awaits to see his collection. It was grand final show of ICW17 so I wanted to look best all the way. I know only one lady that believes in me to make me wear her collection i.e Hardika Gulati.

The new fashion sensation who gave the Lakme Fashion Week 17 a new definition. She has proved that she is the one that will go so high at International level. This I am not saying her collection speaks so. I am big fan of her collection. Everytime I wear her label feels best and create a sensory experience… I always choose her for Grand finale show, earlier in Amazon India fashion week and now ICW. What will be next?


This closet speaks its volume in its own way. This anti-fit looks generally spotted on almost all the major runways this fall. The color of the outfit is soothing to eyes and seems like I am sitting in the garden where greenery and the full blown flower is exploring its beauty in full swing. The unmissable pick for your party. The intricate styling pattern and the waistline is layered with frills. The outstanding venture my heartbeats speed up with her natural effort and dignified style.


Hardika Gulati understands the sense of feminism with the power. The dress is structured in a way that transforms the elegance and the embellishment is something hard to find anywhere else. This outfit is statement piece and perfect for the ICW grand finale show of Manish Malhotra.

You can check her Instagram and Facebook pages here.




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